Monday, July 12, 2010

Things I Hear on a Regular Basis....

"I want to ride baby!"
(Said as Case is straddling Liam while he crawls - thankfully he only has sat on Liam once. We then had a conversation about how baby is too little for someone to ride or sit on him.)

"I _____ baby." (insert kick, hit, slap, push, etc.)
(To Casen's credit, he always asks first and hasn't actually done any of those things to him. Just testing the boundaries. At least he asks.)

"Oh no Baby!"
(Said as Liam reaches for Casen's train tracks.)

"Baby is cold - I get blankets!"

"No, no Baby!"
(Said as Liam is reaching for items off-limits (cords, etc.))
followed by:
"Mama, no, no Baby!"

"I make milk."
(Followed by a wicked laugh as he stands by the breast pump.)
"Only Mamas make milk."

"I make choo choo."
(Out of anything - blocks, other toys, etc.)

"Baby's crying."

"Baby's wake."

"Baby's tired."
(Said when Liam is fussy and needs a nap.)

"I can't do it."

"Right there."
(Said with a great Oklahoman accent.)

And my personal favorite:
"I heard that."
(Said at the perfect times. Like when my dad was mocking him, and Case came around the corner and says without missing a beat, "I heard that." Or the other time when someone made a bodily function, Case while "reading" his train paper says without looking up, "I heard that.")


April said...

Ha ha! Oh, this made me laugh out loud!! I love it!

Kimberly said...
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Mom aka Kimberly said...

I love hearing Casen say, "Right there." His accent sounds so sweet. I have noticed it a few other times too.
I love being here in Oklahoma - getting to see the changes in our boys. I thank God for that blessing.