Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Story of Thanksgiving in Pictures

Liam tasted his first Thanksgiving meal. Mmmm!

We got to meet Andrew's wife Abby. Liam loved her!

All the kids got together - fun, fun, fun!

Case enjoyed Jaci's much that I thought about getting him one..then came to my senses.

We played outside to wear out the kids and work off all that turkey we ate!

Jaci taught Liam her monkey-climbing abilities


April said...

You should get him a kitty! There's nothing crazy about that! I vote Santa brings a cat for Christmas!

Amanda said...

Uh no! we don't even have a place set up for our dogs yet AND we barely spend the time with our dogs that they deserve. No more pets!

I had to write that above because I don't want some well-meaning family member/friend to give Case a kitten for Christmas! : )