Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best Lines From Today

Tulle came over to play this afternoon to have a break from her new little sister Talla. There's a big difference between a 4-year-old-girl and an almost-3-year-old-boy. Here are some of the best lines I heard today:

Tulle: You can't come in here - this is my room. [She's in the corner area that is Casen's "cave".]

[Casen just stands in there looking at her like she's crazy.]

Tulle: This is a GIRL'S room! It smells like a girl.

Casen: No, it smells like poop! [Wicked laugh.]

Tulle is pretending she is Repunzel, Case and Liam are brothers, and I'm the mom. She is calling me Mom.

Casen: [To Tulle] You not her mom. [To me] You my mama. [Panicked cry]

Tulle: Do you want to play Mommy and Daddy?

Casen: No, Daddy is not here.

Tulle: No, you can be the Daddy.


Tulle: [With a baby doll under shirt] Come on Daddy, let's go.

Casen: I'm not the Daddy. [Walks off.]

Every time he addresses Tulle:
Casen: Jaci!

And last but not least:
I walk into the dining room to Tulle saying she has a baby now and pulling the baby out from her shirt as Case is screaming. I'm pretty sure he didn't like the fact that the baby was in her shirt.


Sharlene said...

What can I say? I cracked up - laughing out loud!!!!!!!!! That's cute and funny and so precious. Guess maturity comes with age when you are under 5.

Mom aka Kimberly said...

Oh I needed a laugh and this gave me lots! I like that Casen is so straight forward - things are black and white!

Jacqueline said...

hahahahahahahahahahahah!! Too funny!