Monday, September 12, 2011

First (Real) Haircut

Poor second child. I'm finally posting pictures of L Child's first (real)* haircut. I'm just a month late. He did awesome. No screaming or crying. And he sure looked cute. A month later, his hair is already grown out, but it looks better than it did before the haircut**. It's growing out nicely and evenly.

*I say real because my parents and I trimmed the back twice, but we weren't talented enough to do trim it all over. So we just prevented the mullet. Which is pretty good in my book.

**I called Liam's old hair the "Old Man Hair" - uneven-and-comb-over-do-but-the-old-man-doesn't-want-to-cut-it-because-he's-balding-in-spots-hair. That's why we gave in and cut it.

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Jacqueline said...

It looks so cute! What a big boy!