Saturday, December 17, 2011

Getting Into the Christmas Spirit

Decorating the Christmas tree

Posing in the Christmas hats they found. Josh and I bought those for ourselves our first Christmas.

Painting Christmas trees

This is serious business.

Finished works

C posed by his (L Child, not so much)

C found the numerous Christmas stockings we have. He thinks you should wear them. So he had me to take several pictures of him wearing the Christmas stockings. Director C then put on a Christmas hat with his stockings and put the laundry basket over himself. He instructed me to get the picture of him. Crazy kid.

L Child had to get in on the action.

L child signing a Christmas card. Yes, he knows how to pose.

Getting ready for our special Christmas movie night. Daddy set up a big pallet for all of us in the big living room.

He even went and got us Sonic drinks. What a great Daddy!

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