Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Since Spring Break

It's been awhile since our Sick Leave (aka Spring Break). Here's what you might have missed:

 We colored Easter eggs.

Josh and I apparently were really hokey this evening.

We turned our boys into Easter eggs.

L Child got some education on proper Easter egg prepping.

Easter brought a reason to eat Peeps for breakfast.

Casen and Liam play "Ship" in the backyard now. Drawing on real-life ocean experiences (Jake and the Neverland Pirates), C will climb the rope ladder and yell, "Fix the Sails!" Then he tells Liam to go do it. Liam climbs down and runs around "fixing" the imaginary sails. It's quite the show!

L Child has become quite the acrobat on the playground.

Josh and I got to go see the Zac Brown Band.  It was probably the best concert I've ever seen.  The musicianship of this group is phenomenal!

Some genius set up the giant dinosaur balloon by the 4-yr-old soccer game. As if they need ANOTHER reason to get distracted.

I didn't get a good picture of the birthday boy Graeson, but I did get one of the cake!

At Graeson's birthday party, L Child got stranded on the trampoline when any other kid would jump.

 I got to run my second half-marathon with my cousin Annie. Josh ran his first full marathon! We had family members come cheer us on, and Annie, Jared, and I got to watch Josh cross the finish line.
Like the awkward, I'm-so-sore-I-can-barely-move-closer-to-my-wife hug?

L Child got moved into Casen's room (the room is now "The Boys' Room") AND is sleeping in his toddler bed, or as he calls it: His Big Boy Bed.
A little excited?
He's doing great in his bed. Sleeping great. Loving his special time at night talking to brother before he falls asleep.

In other news, C got a new fan for his room. His last fan met its death from a balloon and ribbon tie. C was OVERJOYED with his new fan. Easy way to make him happy?  Give him a way to keep cool.

Grades are in.  I've read 3 books since last week.  And I only have 2 more days of full-time work.  I'm so thankful summer is here!


strip said...

It seems you enjoyed your spring break with your family..Really a nice post..Keep on writing & sharing such a good posts...

Jason and Erin said...

Amanda, your posts always brighten my day! Wish we were closer!

Amanda said...

thanks Erin! I agree : ) I do like keeping up with your family too!