Saturday, June 28, 2014

So We Went A Little Overboard...

It started with a simple fabric tie banner (thank you Pinterest).


Wouldn't a cute button material banner be cute for Haddie's 1-year-old cake smash photo shoot? Then I could use the banner for her birthday party and up in her room.

Totally justified.


My Kansas family makes these delicious mints for weddings and other special events. Why wouldn't we make mints for the party in the shape of a button?
But only making one or two colored mints wasn't as much fun as making ten different colored flavored buttons.
Yeah, Mom, Mamaw, and I made ten different types of button mints. And man, they were yummy! I also had a lot of fun making these easy candies. I'll be making them again!



We also used the buttons on the cakes. Rather, my mom did. Isn't she a fabulous cake maker?


   I had a whole lotta fun with Haddie's decorations. She's my only girl and last one. Mom asked me what Josh thought about all the decoration planning before the party. I told her, "Oh, he doesn't know the extent. It's better for him to just see it at the party." My dad teased that this was Button's QuinceañeraNot quite. Though she did have a button outfit to wear.
Or two.
Don't judge.



Stacia Hamidi said...

Fun! Love all the decor - not overboard at all. Just normal wanting your baby to know she's loved mixed in with our Pinterest generation. :)

Amanda said...

Thanks Stacia! And I'm going to use that term "Pinterest generation" - love it!