Thursday, November 19, 2015

I Love My TA

So I'm pretty sure I have the best TA. I've managed to hang on to her for the last couple of semesters. She's great with students and gets her work done quite efficiently. She even wrote a lab for my engineers about making ice cream and colligative properties. Her enthusiasm for chemistry is contagious.

But she set the bar higher last week when she wrote this on the board in lab:

That's right, folks. My TA made a new lab rule: No YOLO in the lab. You don't get to take risks in chemistry lab. (The other rules written on the board are basic lab rules especially when you're doing a titration and reading a buret.)

And thanks to our lab coordinator (who has a teenage daughter) and my TA, I learn a new word each week that I have to look up on Urban Dictionary. Today was "fleek" as in, "Your eyebrows are on fleek.

And yes, we are super cool over in the chemistry labs.

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