Friday, March 24, 2017

The Liam Show

Maybe it was because we were back to a normal routine after Spring Break. Back to school and work.  Sports busy. Life busy again.
Or maybe L Child just needed some extra attention Monday night.

Liam told me outside on the trampoline, "Tonight I'm going to put on a Liam Show. It'll just be me."

Whatever the reason, I was reminded of Liam's request one Christmas, "I wish I was a Christmas Tree Star so then everybody could see me."

Oh, my middle child.

So after dinner, he put a show on for me. It had six acts (because after six, I told him he needed to work on homework so I could get H down).

There was nunchucks, drum playing, two dance numbers - one with a hat and one with props, juggling, and a magic show.

Of course, the Christmas Tree Star had to share the stage with his younger, upstaging sis at times.

Hmm...maybe THIS is why he needed some extra attention.

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