Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Visiting Friends

This past weekend we got to visit our friend Trey and Lauren down at Lake Texoma. We've visited them the last two summers, but this summer was the first time for us to meet their daughter Layne (and their first time to meet Liam). Layne is 10 days younger than Liam; it was fun to watch them interact. Some observations from our weekend:

1. A long-haired dachshund named Daffany was a hit with both our boys.

2. Liam can unscrew a doorjam off in 10 seconds flat (hence, the picture of Case trying to distract Liam with a cup of water).

3. Kids LOVE stairs. Proven with a 3-story house.

4. Case only fell down the stairs once, and he just missed the second-to-last step outside. A little scrape was all that resulted. Liam never did - we were on the look-out constantly (and the sound-out...if we heard his little hands and feet start slapping the floor quickly we knew he was full steam ahead for the stairs).

5. Layne is such a sweetie! She can be pretty serious and calm; she's so pretty!

6. Liam has no qualms about taking toys (or a phone) away from Baby Layne.
"That's what Big Brother does - why can't I do it to Layne? She's younger than me!"

7. Case is a sweetie towards all babies, not just his own baby brother (probably having Baby Paige at daycare helps out too : )

8. I can't imagine having twins. Layne and Liam are so close in age, it was like having twins around. But much much easier. There were two sets of parents around this weekend.

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