Monday, November 29, 2010

Catch up on the Boys

1. Liam can walk...kinda! He usually just takes a few steps at a time then looks around as if to say, "Yep...I'll just crawl-that's easier." He has taken up to 5 steps at the most. Probably won't be too long before he can run!

2. Case is talking clearer and in complete sentences now sometimes. It's amazing the changes.

3. Case can hit a ball with the bat. He can throw it up and hit it OR hit a pitch. Can you tell this unathletic mama is impressed?!?

4. L Child is adventuresome...which is a nice way of saying he is into everything! He is much more curious than C was at this age.

5. L Child also throws himself (literally) into anything he is wanting (or at something he wants). For example, if he wants to get down, he just bails out of your arms. As a result, we've learned to be quick! I'm wondering if personality trait will follow him all through life....hmm.

6. Case loves the space of the new house. He rides his bike around. Sometimes with his helmet on like a racecar driver! In the pictures below, he rode his bike to the "store" to get more "candy" then to the laundry basket and told me that he was hooking the train up. Then Liam and Case "rode" around in the choochoo.

7. Can you tell Liam likes to do whatever Big Brother is doing?

8. I played Red Light, Green Light with Case tonight. Liam joined in the fun by standing up and touching the wall. Then once Case started running at a green light, Liam would take off crawling as fast as he can go (which is extremely fast) then he would collapse on the ground with laughter. So funny.

9. Case is a backseat driver. He tells us what the traffic lights are and when we should go. He does the same when he is on his bike. He will stop at the imaginary traffic lights and wait for them to turn green.

10. Case and Liam love each other. Case is usually so helpful with Liam - getting his bottle or finding a toy for him. Liam just wants to play with Case a lot. I can't wait until Liam calls Case by a name. I love watching their relationship grow.

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