Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Moon

In the car, Case and I talk a lot about the sun and moon. Recently, in Earth Science, I got to do a cool activity with my students involving moon phases. The students "act" out the different phases of the moon. They learn the cycle of the moon, how to tell time using the moon phases, and why there's phases in the first place. I learned quite a lot from this activity as well - I never really understood the moon phases before. Later this semester, I'm hoping to expand this activity to involve the topic of tides. I can't wait!

That being said, I look forward to when Case is old enough to do this activity about the moon phases. He is very interested in the moon now so I try to encourage his scientific spirit. I started pointing out if the moon is "full" or a "crescent" as to which he replies, "No Mama, the moon is white and cold." It's funny to me how at that age, many times, he can't fathom something being many things at once.

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April said...

They physically acted out the moon phases? That's so awesome...Look at you integrating the arts into your classroom! I'm so proud!