Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Through the Eyes of an Almost-3-Year-Old

As Casen and I were hiding in the tent this morning from the spiders*, he was twisting my wedding ring around. He said, "It's like a tire."
That kid is obsessed with tires. Anything round is like a tire.

I love that kid!

*Our tent was a makeshift one on my bed. Spiders** included the "Big Spider" which was Daddy. Even though Liam kept visiting us and running off, he was never a spider. Case kept yelling at him, "Hurry Baby! You have to hide from the spiders!"

**Case has been pretending spiders are around a lot lately. Sometimes they are nice spiders. He puts them in his tricycle trunk and drives them around. Then when he stops, he will get them out of the trunk and put them on his shoulder and drive them around like that. Not sure where he came up with that one!
He also has drawn a few spiders on his giant cardboard playhouse.
It'll be interesting to hear his view of spiders when he's older and reads The Hobbit and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Yikes!

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