Friday, July 01, 2011

What's One More?

Last week I was going to watch my friend Pam's girls while she tried to get some work done. I texted April to bring her Heidi over, too. Really, after four, what's one more? Plus I had help - April was here most of the time.

So it really wasn't too bad.

Of course, L Child took a 2.5 hour nap.

The big kids watched a movie.

And I got to send them all home after about 5 hours.

Okay, so I did have it pretty easy.


Jacqueline said...

So, we had new internet connected today. It was struggling. I got to our blog, and on my side bar, it said that your newest blog was titled, "What's One More?" The heart began to race, I clicked. It froze. THE BLOG? I questioned? She's announcing it on the blog? Say whaaaa? I mean, Mandie, come on.... a family text perhaps? Close to 40 MINUTES LATER I finally got to your blog. Babysitting, not baby announcing... Gotcha. ;) Love you.

Amanda said...

haha i thought of that when I titled it but thought, oh well, people will know when they click on it. Didn't think about Internet trouble. ha!