Monday, February 13, 2012

Nerd Test

Are you a nerd? Read the following descriptions and see if any describe you.

Working Out
1. After you've been running on the treadmill awhile, you wonder if you were singing along with your IPOD or just mouthing the words.
You're pretty sure you were just mouthing words. But you wouldn't bet on it. And then you wonder if "just mouthing the words" is any better.

2. You do calculations in your head on the treadmill trying to figure out the "speed's units" based upon the minute miles.

Personal Appearance
1. Every so often you look down at your outfit and realize you don't really match. It looked okay in the dark bedroom that morning.

2. You pick outfits based upon whether or not you have lab that day. "Do you care if acid spills on those pants and ruins them?" is the question that runs through your head.

3. It's okay if you're having a bad hair day on a lab day. You're going to have to pull your hair up anyway. Now you have an excuse to wear a scrunchie.


Amber said...

Yes, to personal appearance #2. Of course everyday is lab day for me, so I get pretty excited any day I can wear nicer clothes. In the morning I think, "Am I going to see anyone important today? Should I wear my semi-nice lab clothes or regular lab clothes?"

Amanda said...

i hear ya amber!

Jason and Erin said...

Yes, except I worry about whether poop or anal gland juice (sorry) will get on my clothes. My "day-off" clothes are nicer than my work clothes!

Amanda said...

ew erin! that's why i'm a chemist - i don't have to work with poop : )