Monday, November 05, 2012

Conversations Between Superheroes

#1 Discussing the complexities of the inner character of a superhero

Spiderman: Hulk Smash! Hulk Smash! (as he is        
                   smashing toys together)

The Flash: Hulk is a bad guy.

Spiderman: No, he's a good guy.

The Flash: Well, sometimes he's bad.

Spiderman: Yeah, but he's good too. Hulk Smash!
                    Hulk Smash!

#2 Discussing superhero attire

The Flash: Hmm...what superheroes wear belts?
                  The Flash and Batman do.

Spiderman: Superman does, too.

The Flash: Oh yeah, you're right.

#3 Discussing superpowers

The Flash: I'm so fast.

Spiderman: Yeah, but you can't fly.

The Flash: YOU don't fly!

Spiderman: I know. I shoot webs.

(then both proceed to make swishing noises pointing their fingers to shoot webs)

When I overhear these conversations, I'm reminded what Seinfeld said. Something like, "Superman, Batman, these weren't fantasies when you're a little boy. These are career options."

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