Monday, November 05, 2012

What I Miss About Grad School

I miss being able to wear jeans/sweatpants, a t-shirt, and a ball cap every day.
Where if I wore jeans and a nice shirt, someone asked why I was dressed up.
Oh, those were the days.

Okay, maybe the only good thing about grad school is the relaxed dress code.

So my lab got canceled tomorrow (I only have office hours) and I was thinking...jeans and t-shirt? I do that sometimes.
And dare I even dream? A ball cap?

Sigh. Probably not. I have chapel and with my luck, some board member or administrator will sit by me and ask me why I'm sitting in the faculty/staff section.

Maybe when I'm tenured, I'll wear a ball cap on a school day.


Matt and Shannon said...

No doubt, one of the best things about grad school/post-doc work was being able to wear absolute junk to work! Of course, our paychecks as grad students were a pretty good reflection of what we wore as well :)

JJ said...

I'll admit, now that I am tenured, I wear jeans and a pony tail more often than I probably should! Maybe if you wore an OC ballcap;)

Amanda said...

very true matt and shannon!

I'm definitely rockin' jeans and an oc hoodie today - couldn't do a ball cap though : )