Saturday, April 13, 2013

Button Update

The weeks are flying by now. There's about 12 weeks until Button probably arrives. One sign that this is the third baby: we are no where ready for her arrival, but I know we'll get it done. Her room is still currently the storage room, and her crib isn't even put together. Once I get through the month, we will start setting up for her in May. I'm thinking a little to do each weekend wouldn't be too bad. That being said, Little Button already has some clothes - who can resist buying little girl clothes? AND friends are already giving me some special hand-me-downs for her. I can't wait to see her dressed in them.

She is still pretty active 24/7. After a real busy day for her, she is always a little quieter the next day like today. She had a party yesterday I think - that child maybe was still about an hour. I appreciate her activeness - it's comforting to feel her move around and kick so often.

Is it possible for babies in the womb to react to my emotions or touches? Last weekend, Josh and I went to the movies. There was some intense scenes in one of the previews and of course in Jurassic Park. Anytime I got real tense, Button would ball up and stick out on my side. I think she might have been reacting to the adrenaline. Probably no more intense movies for me!
She also seems to know if anybody but me touches my tummy to feel her. She will be kicking up her heels, but as soon as someone else tries to feel her, she becomes a statue. Can she tell the difference?
I went to the doctor this past week for a check-up. She was sticking out on my right side (one of her favorite spots), and she jumped and moved when the nurse put the heart monitor on my tummy right where she was laying. The nurse exclaimed, "I must've scared her!" If I rub my tummy or pat where she is laying, she usually snuggles in closer to my hand. I'm not sure if she is really reacting or it's just a coincidence, but either way: I'm enjoying carrying her. This is the good part of pregnancy.

A few facts about Button in case one day I decide to scrapbook or make her a baby book (because let's be honest, I should do L Child's first):

Her heart rate was 130.

I'm starting to have Braxton-Hicks. I asked the doctor about it because I had them with L Child, but not this early (I think I was about 32 weeks with him when they started, and I'm about 28 weeks right now). She said it's because the uterus has a memory. With each pregnancy, it starts practicing for labor earlier. Before you grandmas start worrying, I'm not having real contractions. They don't feel like them nor do they hurt. It's just a small tightening in the same area as a contraction. The doctor told me if they start to hurt or last a long time to go to the hospital of course, but they usually just happen once or twice especially if I'm tired. Laying down and drinking water usually helps (dehydration can cause them, too). I thought having Braxton-Hicks with L Child might mean that I wouldn't have to be induced. Not true. So I'm not getting my hopes up with Button either. She probably will hang out inside my tummy for as long as possible.

I'm measuring a week behind which probably doesn't mean anything significant (my due date doesn't change and nothing is of concern about Baby). The doctor did say it might mean that after my prior big babies, this might be my 7-pounder. I wouldn't mind that!

Right after this appointment, some old man in a sandwich spot asked me when I was due. When I told him, he asked me if I had two in there.

Then he insisted that I might be wrong when I told him there's only one baby.

Oh nosy strangers!

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