Monday, February 24, 2014

Counting It As a Win

There are times when I realize that my parenting style is sometimes a little loose. Like when I told the boys to "aim low and don't go through the window" or let C run-push the cart.

I had another easygoing moment when I made up these rules at Stapels on Valentines Day:

For C:
1. You can push your sister only in this aisle.
2. You can go fast but not too fast.*
3. Keep moving so your sister won't fuss.
4. You stop if someone comes walking down this aisle.**

For L:
1. Entertain your sister by any means necessary*** so she won't fuss.

For C:
5. Do not run your brother over.

I count this trip as a win. I got Josh a cool present. Nobody cried. AND nobody got hurt.

*You might wonder what's the difference between "fast" and "too fast." Ask C, he knows.
**Nobody was dumb enough to come down our aisle.
***Dancing and gymnastics sufficed this time for "any means necessary."

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