Sunday, February 09, 2014

My Life As Of Late

A few weeks ago I got sick (this winter has been the worst!).

And I lost control.

Yeah, that's right. It's a bag of clementines on the floor of my living room. Why you ask? Because one day when I was sick, the boys wanted an orange. I was so sick I told C to go get the oranges and bring them to me on the couch (they were still in the grocery bag on the floor of the kitchen….I started feeling really sick at Target so the groceries didn't get put up right away). I opened up the bag and…well, I have no idea. I assume the boys peeled and gnawed away at the fruit until Daddy got home and took care of them. I was probably zonked out on the couch praying Baby would stay asleep until Josh got home..

Fast forward a few weeks full of two birthday parties, three birthdays, one surprise party, and a baby shower...I've lost the battle I think. 

Because it's after 8 at night and this is what the guys are working on:
100-Day Shirts.
Yeah, that's right. It's the 100th Day of School for C tomorrow. Thank to Pinterest and my naive thought that I would actually get this done early, I got the stuff last week for it.

I'm thankful Josh volunteered to help the boys make their bandaid shirts. Here's the text I got at the baby shower today from Josh, "Hey do you think I would have time to clean the house AND to make Casen's 100-day shirt tonight?"

I laughed hysterically. Ever seen a 6-year-old unwrap a bandaid? Takes a bit.
And L was making his shirt tonight too.

So my house will stay a mess. While the guys are being crafty, I gotta grade some chemistry exams.

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