Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Ears are Blue On the Inside…and other ramblings

So I got this cool blue fountain pen as a present for getting tenure. The fountain pen leaked blue ink in my purse and onto my earbuds. I cleaned them off, but of course couldn't get all the ink off. And yep, that's why I had blue coming out of my ears for a couple of days. I wore the inky earbuds on a run.
And I had blue in my ears for a bit.

Both H and I got sick a couple of weeks ago, and after a few nights of less sleep and missing work (and making it up at night), I know I now am at that stage where I love my sleep more than having another newborn. Is that how people know they are done having kids?

I've survived finals. Now I've got to survive grading. I'm no longer that annoying professor who has all her grading done by Tuesday of finals week.  I'm blaming sick kids throughout the semester and teaching an Honors class as to why I got behind on my grading. Good thing both are worth it.

So there's a few ramblings from my life right now. A little messy. A little chaotic. But summer is almost here.

Oh, and I had to share. This lovely scaffolding is next to my backyard. It's probably safer than what I saw my neighbor doing the other day: standing/swinging on his roof trying to use a rope and a saw on a tree.

It's been there for about three weeks now. Sigh.

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