Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Finding Treasures

One of the neat surprises about having a kid is finding their treasures around the house. I stepped on one of those wooden puzzle pieces with a knob sticking up - you know so little ones can easily grab the part or Mamas can step on it and writhe in pain. I know some Mamas and Daddies who find gross surprises around their house. But I'm not referring to the not-so-great treasures in this post. I'm talking about the ones that make you smile, not curse.

I remember finding cars lined up in my laundry room when C was about two years old. It made me smile because I knew for certain he had been playing with the cars - they were lined up in a perfect row  reflecting his budding sometimes-OCD-tendency personality.

By two years old, L Child wanted to play ball a lot of the time. Not only were there soccer balls, basketballs, and baseballs scattered throughout the house, I would find a ball under a counter or a couch while cleaning. L Child's athletic skills were beginning to manifest and made me jealous of a three-year-old. Pretty sure he is more athletically-inclined that I ever will be. 

A couple of weeks ago, I went to get some laundry out of the dryer and saw this:

It's a sequin stuck to the lint trap. I stuck a bunch of sequins on Haddie's Easter basket tutu (yeah, it was WAAAY girly). These sequins have found their way onto and into everything. The sequin made me smile. Two years ago, I probably wouldn't have found a treasure like this in the house. Reminded me of finding cars and balls all over the house.

When someone walks through our house, even if they don't know us well, they could guess a few things. Someone really really likes puzzles (there were four big ones completed today). Someone really likes Star Wars and fighting with play weapons (swords, light sabers, guns, bows, etc.). I wonder what I'll be tripping over in another year. What will Haddie add to the mix? One of her favorite toys right now is one of those baby toys where figures pop up out of compartments when you push a button or turn a knob. She can't quite figure out how to pop them open yet, but man, she can close the compartments up in a flash. H is a go-getter! (Much like her mobility skills as of late. She takes after her big brother C - always moving.)

I kinda like how finding these treasures around the house define where we are in life currently.

And it seems like a good excuse as to why my house is perpetually messy.

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