Saturday, May 31, 2014

Happy 10 Months

Button turned 10 months old earlier this month. She is usually very happy…

… and very ornery.

Our little Button is talking up a storm now - especially if she needs your attention (which is most of the time). She calls the boys "brother" or tonight she said, "Hey guys" when she joined them by the pool. She frequently mimics what she hears and repeats phrases - or at least is trying. I think I'm in awe with her language skills because the boys talked later than her. We are all continually asking, "Did she just say….?"

Button likes to chew and bite. If you feel her mouth on you, you better pull back and say, "No biting!" She got me good a couple of weeks ago and left a bruise on my shoulder. I know she's just trying out all her new teeth, but it hurts! We've been following the pediatrician's advice and put her down or in her crib if she bites. She hasn't bit in awhile (knock on wood) but will still put her teeth on people. She pulls back when you warn her, "No biting." She trying to get more teeth in now - poor baby! They are rough ones!

Button figured out that she can pull up on anything now so anything left on coffee or kid tables might end up in her hands. Watch out!

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Jacqueline said...

She's amazing! And crazy cute. And, good gracious, time is moving quickly!