Friday, July 25, 2014

What Happened To My Baby?

This morning I turned around to see this in Adub's backyard:

How is my baby climbing a ladder already? She even made it to the top!

This is how I usually think of my Button:
about 5 months
It's like she woke up this morning and decided that she wasn't a baby anymore.
She didn't want her bottle. I offered it three times before I realized that this might be a good thing.
Weaning the boys off the bottle was ROUGH. I know it's about time to do the same with Button, but...she's my baby!

While I took the boys to VBS tonight, she took a bottle from Josh at bedtime. So folks, we are down to one bottle a day for this little girl.

As hard as some days are raising three little ones, some days it seems to go by too fast.

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