Monday, July 28, 2014

Any Excuse For Me To Eat More Cookies

Liam has a special dinosaur he named Rocky Hocky. He got him two Christmases ago. 

Rocky Hocky gets to sleep with Liam and is usually around when L Child is playing.

L Child has been very concerned about Rocky Hocky lately. The T-Rex has been wearing clothes and included in all kinds of make-believe. We were gone all day on Sunday, and Liam would comment throughout the day, "I sure hope Rocky Hocky is doing okay." 

So it wasn't surprising when Liam told me this morning that today was Rocky Hocky's 11th Birthday. We needed to have a party.

I told them we would start late afternoon. The boys planned the party events all day. 

First, we needed to make birthday signs. I made the Happy Birthday sign with a stegosaurus (Liam's said it's Rocky's favorite dinosaur). Casen drew Rocky Hocky (the brown T-Rex), and Liam drew a bull and a zombie. L Child said Rocky Hocky likes zombies. Not sure why he drew a bull though.
Next, karate on the trampoline. Liam said Rocky Hocky doesn't really like karate on the trampoline so he just watched.
Rocky Hocky doesn't like ice cream, but thank goodness we had cookies.
Yes, thank goodness.
White chocolate macadamia nut cookies to be exact.

Then it was gift time. The boys had prepared Rocky's gifts far in advance. 

 One of Casen's gifts was a back scratcher. Pretty fitting for a tiny-armed dinosaur.
One of Liam's gifts was an OSU hat for Rocky Hocky. Of course. Even our dinosaurs are Poke fans.

Haddie woke up in time for some of the last festivities. 

She loves her Liam. Can you tell?

Poor Rocky Hocky is just watching L Child run through the sprinkler. 

Casen and Liam got into an argument earlier in the party.
Me: Bring Rocky Hocky to the table for the cookies.
L: No, he can't come to the table.
C: Yeah, he can walk over here.
L: No, he can't walk yet.
C: Uh yeah he can. I've seen him walk to Haddie.
(Arguments about Make-Believe crack me up.)

Not to worry though: L Child will run you through the sprinklers, Rocky Hocky!

It was a great birthday party!

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