Friday, August 01, 2014

Morning Time at the Nichols

I'm not a morning person. When I was little, I wouldn't talk to anybody until I had eaten my cereal. Right after Josh and I got married, he would wake me up in the morning (when I didn't need to get up early) to ask me where something was located. I told Josh he wasn't allowed to wake me up in the morning if he couldn't find something. I like to sleep. I still don't want to talk for awhile in the morning. 

Then I had Casen who is like his Daddy in the morning. Way too talkative. This morning, Casen crawled into our bed (we all slept in later than usual), and I could hear Josh and him discuss some deep philosophies of life. Sigh. Way to early for this woman.

H was sick this day (I figured out a little after this picture).  Casen felt fantastic like he does every morning so he was ready for a photo shoot!

Not to worry though. Though Liam looks just like Josh, he does take after me in the mornings. He has to have some quiet time to wake up. He doesn't want to talk or play. A boy I like to hang out with in the mornings.

A year or so ago, Josh talked to Casen about proper treatment of Liam and Mama in the mornings. It went something like this:
"You don't talk to them in the mornings. They don't like to talk like we do. You just leave them alone and give them time to wake up."

The system has worked well, but now we have another morning person.

 Sigh. In another year or so, I'm sure Josh will give her the morning talk as well.

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