Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Signs It's the First Week of Classes

1. No milk is in the house (until I manage to grab some today in-between picking kids up).

2. No cooking is going on in our house. That fact combined with baseball games, practices, and church has led us to eat way too much ball park food and "whatever you can find in the fridge".

3. My running is taking a hit. Funny how you can't run well when you ate nachos the night before for dinner.

4. My house is a mess even though we're not cooking. My favorite this afternoon was when L Child covered the entire living room and part of the dining room with his "lands" (aka blankets and pillows). He was jumping from Oklahoma City to Edmond to Chattanooga to Elgin to Japan to Guam. He may or may not have been watching his brother play a lot of Mario Brothers lately.

5. I am really proud of myself when I clean the kitchen (even though it's not that bad with the no cooking).

6. My fingers once again can fly across a keyboard in record time due to all the practice I'm getting responding to students' emails.

7. I'm exhausted and waiting for this weekend even though it's only Wednesday night.

8. I can't sleep though because I'm wired thinking about my To Do List.

9. My Netflix usage is down. That might not be a bad thing.

10. The words, "You have bedtime the next three nights by yourself" have already been directed at Josh. My boys like to ask some big questions at bedtime during our first week of me back full time at work. Maybe it's because of the chaos around the house as we are all adjusting again. Maybe they need to know it's still good to ask questions. Whatever the reason, big questions at 9 PM aren't my favorite, but I'm thankful they feel comfortable to ask. One of the boys began with "Why do you have to be married before you have kids?" and "Why did your one baby die in your tummy, but I lived?" Then they decided to tag team me and the other one asked, "So how does that baby get in a Mama's tummy?" He must've felt sorry for me because then he threw me a softball question, "So how much blood goes through your heart?" (I still didn't know the answer.)

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