Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sassy Girl

Haddie has learned the word "no" and uses it quite a lot now. No shock there because she hears it enough with four other people in the household directing her.

Tonight I told her "No!" when she threw her cup down on the floor (like every night at dinner). She then picked up a piece of her food, looked at me and said, "No" as she dropped it on the floor.
Needless to say, she was done with dinner.

Tonight at bedtime, I read books to Haddie and Liam in her room. When it was time to rock her, I told Liam to go to the table and wait for me (we were going to play a game). Instead, Liam stood outside her door and peeked in through the cracked door. Haddie, sitting on my lap, leaned forward when she saw him and yelled, "Get back!" I shushed her and told Liam to go on; she needed to settle down for bedtime. Haddie yelled at Liam one more time, "No!"

I tell myself that I'll appreciate that sassy spirit when she starts dating.

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