Saturday, October 11, 2014

Growing Up Too Fast

It seems like Button is doing things quicker than her brothers did. She's almost got a mouth full of teeth.  She also thinks she should eat at the kid table with a fork.

Or at least hold the fork while she eats.

The roughest age for the boys was around 18 months. It was worse than the terrible two's and the more terrible three's. I think it boiled down to communication skills, or the lack thereof. They knew what they wanted but couldn't tell us via signs or words. I can imagine it's very frustrating.
It got easier once they could talk more and understand why screaming wasn't an acceptable response to not getting your way.

H's behavior lately reminds me of when the boys were 18 months (she's 15 months now). She's learning that she has to sign "please" for things, and Mama (and everybody else) can't carry her around all day. She recently got two molars in, another one cut through in the last couple days, and I'm assuming another one is cutting now. Between the frustration of not being to effectively communicate yet and that awful teething, she was having a rough evening yesterday. Throw in a little dramatic flair, at one point, in response to me telling her that she had to sign please, she threw her little arm across her face and whimpered, much like Scarlett O'Hara:

Despite the fits and screams of frustration, we think she's still pretty cute.

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