Sunday, November 16, 2014

Snow Blessing

This little girl brings joy to my life.

And at least once a day, she goes into her room to read by herself.


If you join her, she insists that you read aloud while she reads her own book. Girl after my own heart.

And these boys. Oh, these boys.


They each got to buy something at Hobby Lobby. L Child picked a puzzle of course. 
C bought the Mouse King Nutcracker. He's a hit in the house with these two nuts. 
I'm surrounded by entertainment almost constantly.

Yet...It's been over 16 months that I've been a mom to three kids. 
I'm pretty sure I'm still adjusting.

Hmmm, I'm wondering why Padme is on the couch.
Button turned one and for the next few months, she wore me out daily. She had epic fits 
and screamed a lot.

About a month ago, the fits faded away. She will still have small ones, but her language is exploding - and her understanding. That has helped lessen her frustration.

Of course, she still wears me out. It's not tantrums anymore. She's just BUSY.


Anything her "brubas" do, she thinks she needs to do as well.

And man, this girl can be sassy.

The other day I told her to say please instead of screaming for something. 
She responded by signing "please" on her butt. 
Yes, her butt. 
And I know that's what she was doing because she also said, "Ease" while doing it. Then she laughed.
Help me now.

I've been trying to remember the last couple of days that it won't always be this hard. I'm trying to enjoy these moments because I know they are fleeting. I'm trying to be fully present and patient - even when one kid shatters a glass jar across the floor and Baby throws a fit because she can't walk on the floor.

And yesterday I got a blessing.
I love the first snow of the winter season.
It even came early this year.

A nasty stomach virus hit our house this past week. The kids and I stayed home today, almost-well, but also waiting another day before exposing people to our germs. L Child looked out the window and exclaimed, "It's snowing!" So we bundled up and went outside. Twice.

I got to share the first snow with three very excited kids.

This is the first year that Liam enjoyed the cold.

Casen has always liked the snow.

And Haddie is my little snow baby. She face planted into the snow. No crying or even yelling about it. I wiped her face, and she kept on crunching through the snow.


I realized today that maybe I'll never feel fully adjusted. Things will be easier sometimes and other times, it'll be harder. I'm just gonna try to soak up this ride.

It was a good day for this mama. 

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Jacqueline said...

They're so crazy precious! Love to all of you! And, signing please on her butt? Hahahahahahaha!