Friday, December 19, 2014


I got exciting news a couple of weeks ago and sent the signed contract this week so I guess it's time to share. I got selected as an Oxford Scholar - it's similar to a fellowship. I get support for a Science & Humanities project that I'll be working on over the next two years. My project is focused on Science & Faith. The best thing is that I get to go study at Oxford for a month at a time over the next two summers. I get to take classes, go on field trips, and be assigned a tutor for my project. My biggest concern is being away from the family so long.
When I told Josh about the opportunity, he told me to apply. "We'll figure out the details." I will always be grateful for his support in my career. The first big test was when we were running the summer before our last undergraduate year, and I told him that I wanted to go to graduate school to pursue my PhD. That meant putting off having kids longer than originally planned. Then one of the reasons I survived graduate school was his constant   encouragement to finish. He's always been game for my career plans and encouraging me to do more.


I went to visit April and Bret in Kentucky this week for a few days. Both April and I had a restful, encouraging time after a long semester. It was good to catch up and laugh together. I also had a lot of time to myself. At one point yesterday afternoon, I was reading on the couch and she was working on her online class. True friendship right there - it was just nice to hang out and not have to talk. I felt revitalized after my four days away.
I sure missed Josh and the kids though. I flew back into town late last night. This morning I woke up first. I was like a kid on Christmas morning - when was the rest of the family going to get up? I made my coffee, and my noise successfully woke them. We've been busy today: Rubble the dinosaur's birthday party (another blog post to come), play-dough, and painting. It's been a joy. My homecoming after a short trip got me thinking about the big trip I'll take next summer. I sure will miss my babies, but I know my homecoming will be special when I see those smiling faces.

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