Monday, July 06, 2015

Getting to Oxford

It was hard to leave the kids and Josh at the airport, but my excitement carried me though. Plus, Face Time and free Wi-fi helped, too. I flew back in December, and there wasn't free wi-fi at my airports. This time I had free Wi-fi at every airport and on my bus to Oxford. I've been able to talk to the kids every day, even on the day I flew out while I was waiting in Charlotte.
My travel went pretty well. I got a bit sick on the long flight (I think it was a combo of something I ate, and my blood sugar dropped), but nothing a Coke-Cola and some sleep couldn't fix.

Up above the clouds on the way to Charlotte
This is my excited, but tired face. I'm about to get on the 7-hour flight to London. I also had accepted at this point to embrace the selfie. Hey, I gotta take some pictures of me on my adventures!

 This was my first flight with the awesome set-up. I watched two movies on the flight, listened to some music, and periodically checked our GPS position and stats. We are so spoiled now. I slept 30 minutes.

Pretty sure this curry dish was the main culprit of the sick-on-the-plane incident.
 The customs line was forever long. It moved steadily, but there were so many people! Lots of student groups. 
I waited awhile in the bus stop area (it's connected to the airport). I had a chai and people-watched. I noticed the diversity of the people working and waiting at the airport. I head lots of languages and accents. It made me smile when the bus driver called all the women, "Love."

I ran into an OC alum while I waiting to board the bus. I had changed into an OC t-shirt, and the student asked me if I worked at OC. 
On the bus to Oxford
I had some time to kill once I reached Oxford before I could check into my Hall. I had fish and chips in a square. I people-watched and read (aka drifted off periodically).

I took a taxi to the Hall and found my room. I got homesick unpacking, but I felt much better after I Face Timed again with the kids.

I managed to stay awake until 10 PM that first night. I felt pretty good today so I think that I'm about adjusted to the time change. Around 2 PM today I was struggling, but we had coffee at 3 so I survived.

I'm loving the view out my window. 
I'm in Oxford!


Unknown said...

Amanda - I'll probably be reading a lot of these posts. I blogged every day I was in Oxford too. I LOVE it there. Sending you all the good wishes as you work through your schedule and soak in the culture. Take care, Kelly Roberts

Amanda said...

Awesome, Kelly! Yes, I am already thankful I get to come again next summer!