Saturday, October 31, 2015

Catching Up

I'm attempting to blog again. It's been awhile since my last entry; I was in Oxford the last time I wrote. Thanks to Facebook, family and friends followed my adventures via the pictures I posted. I had people during my time there asking me about all I was doing. Since I've been back, I've described it and given a couple of presentations for school. The month in Oxford was full and rich, and to be honest, a little overwhelming. Three months later, I feel like I'm still processing the knowledge I gained and the ideas I heard. My plan over the next several entries is to share some of my experiences in Oxford.

I have pictures of several doors from Oxford, but this one was my favorite. I passed it nearly every day.
This was one of my favorite views in England. It reminds me of Oklahoma: open and room to breathe.
I probably will also write about my running journey in future entries. I ran almost every day in July, logged a lot of miles, and it paid off. I'm faster and stronger, and I'm gearing up for another half marathon in November. My friend Pam is also convincing me to start training for a full marathon.

I ran on this path in Oxford quite a bit. I enjoyed all the tall trees. We don't have big trees in Oklahoma!

I of course will also continue blogging about my kids.
C is still one of the happiest kids I know who likes to tell me random science facts that warm my heart.
"Did you know, Mama, that there's an asteroid belt in our solar system that if you tried to cross it in your space ship, you probably would get hit?"
L Child continues to make me laugh with his quick wit (most days anyway. Some days he just doesn't know when it's better NOT to say anything.) He's also cooler than I was at 5 and probably even at 17. His social skills are impressive, and he has this individual style that just draws people to him.
And Button? She loves Barney, to sing (she sings almost continually some days), and to dance (in that order).

Finally, I'm still a chemistry professor enjoying my job most days. It's a pchem semester. I thoroughly enjoy the thermodynamics section so I was excited about getting to that part last week. (We just finished quantum.) My students? They don't share my enthusiasm. Most of them are biochemistry majors who relate to this biochem author:

Maybe I'll manage to explain the beast this semester.

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Joshua Nichols, MS, LMFT said...

Glad to have you back in the blogosphere. I love you babe.