Sunday, November 13, 2016

Remembering Newman

We knew over the last year that Newman was nearing the end of his life. After 12.5 years, he was nearing the life expectancy for Brittany spaniels. He was deaf and his eyesight was getting worse. While he slept more, he still moved around well.

Then he got a cough that was getting more frequent. The vet told us he has congestive heart failure, and that it was just a matter of time. Last week, Newman got worse. His cough only stopped if he was sleeping, and he was looking bad. We knew it was time.

So all of us told him good-bye yesterday before school. We had been talking about Newman getting old and dying with the kids. While they were sad, they weren't surprised.

Josh was the brave one and took him to the vet. My dad built Newman a coffin so Newman was laid in there afterwards. The kids and Padme got to have a viewing/memorial time after school. I think it's helping with the closure. Padme seems to understand that he's gone; she's not looking for him or crying like she tends to do if they are separated. She does seem sad though so she's getting a lot of extra attention this weekend.

The kids are sad but are doing okay. Haddie, the most verbal one about her emotions, has talked a lot of Newman dying. She told me a lot Friday, "I'm sad that Newman died." Then at bedtime, she exclaimed, "I'm mad at Newman!"

Lessons about life and dying can be hard.

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