Sunday, November 13, 2016

Enjoying the Boys

I'm enjoying the boys getting older. It's a fun age where we can have good conversations and eat at more grown-up places. Case has been wanting to try sushi so I took the boys out for a sushi/thai lunch one day. I told them it was a treat to eat here and they had to have good manners. They did pretty well. 

Well, chop sticks gets anybody excited.

 Turns out C loves sashimi. I was surprised. He loved it so much, he insisted on bringing home some for H to taste. Miss Expensive Taste loved it of course.

L Child preferred the Thai noodles. I forgot to order it mild so he would take a bite, gulp a bunch of water down, then take another bite. He loved it, but kept saying, "Wow, it's hot!"

This is my favorite current picture of L Child. He asked if he could put on a tattoo. We have a drawer of them and really don't supervise them. They know how to put on tattoos.

I learned that I have to clarify exactly where they can put a tattoo. He looked like he had spaghetti sauce on his mouth for a few days. Good thing it was Fall Break. I only got judged at my school, not his school.

The boys still love OnCue. Their Aunt Sissie got them a gift card to buy a treat after school.

This is their Happy Dance while they wait in line.

Finally, Pokemon is all the rage at our house. I gave them my old phone so they can play Pokemon Go.

They only can use Wi-Fi though so OC was the most fun they've had in a long time. They even talked Pokemon with Mr. Chris in Physics Lab.

The funniest part (for me) was when they would go into a Dead Zone (no wi-fi) and have to back track quickly to find more Pokemon. The boys didn't love that part, but they're getting a lesson on boundaries, people.

I'm thankful I get to start and end my days with these boys. They keep me thinking and laughing.


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