Friday, January 06, 2017

December is Our Crazy Month

December is always our CRAZY month. 
We like to just flow with the craziness and let the kids wear themselves
out at the stores while we Christmas shop.
December graduation: time for regalia and work buddies
With the end of the typical semester stresses - grading and finals - as well as submission deadlines for my conferences and reference letters for students, throw in all the holiday events, and the calendar gets pretty full quick.

Ugly Sweater CrossFit Party
Chickasha lights
Christmas Eve 
Got lots of Mom time - did my heart good.
I love Christmas excitement. 
 We did four Christmases this year, people. 

I got lots of uncharacteristic Casen snuggles over break.
I soaked them up.
Shelby and Haddie enjoying each other.
Lawrence and I stayed awake into the New Year...Josh and Joy, on the other hand....
Josh and I also thought that December wasn't busy enough so we chose this month twice for important events: our wedding and having L Child.

The Christmas Tree Star pretending he lost his eye.
Remember why we call him a Christmas Tree Star?
"Mama, I wish I was a Christmas Tree Star so everybody could see me."
And true to form, I have no pictures of him on his birthday even though we had a small cake for him.
Just reenforcing that middle child syndrome.
Celebrated sixteen years with three nights of going to the movie theater!
We also all like to get sick during Christmas break. Preferably on holiday trips.

Nothing like grading lab reports while being on a whole bunch of cold medicine.
As it always does, it worked out and it was a fun month. Once we get through the next week or so, and we'll be back at the swing of things. 

First though, I've got syllabi to prepare and the boys' birthday party to celebrate.

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