Saturday, June 06, 2009

Edmond Grandparents

Casen has some grandparents in Edmond that are crazy about him! Rich and Linda were Josh's adoptive parents in college (and then became mine consequently. Casen went and stayed the night with them last weekend and had a blast! I'm not sure who had more fun though - them or Case!

When Case got home, he was so sweet. He talked real sweet to me. Talking sweet to me means instead of his loud, yell-like talking, he talks soft and quiet with a sweet look. Then he got up by me on the couch and took my hand. He sang some sort of song and then grabs my fingers one by one. He did that over and over for a bit. I think he might have learned a new song at his grandparents' house. What a sweetie!

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Mom aka Kimberly said...

I hadn't thought about all the different things he will learn from others - I wish I could have seen him when he was singing the song to you - that is so sweet!