Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Laser Lights

Case got a laser light - a little flashlight. Somehow he ended up with it in his crib the other night when it was time for bed. He wasn't ready to give up his awake time yet so he was screaming. Josh motions for me to come look into his room. As Case is screaming in protest, he is spinning around in his crib flashing his red laser light around the room. It looked like that it would've been a LONG time until Case settled down.

Josh went in there to take the laser away. Case fell asleep shortly thereafter. It's amazing how easily one can fall asleep without red laser light shining everywhere in the dark.


Mom aka Kimberly said...

That's our boy! I think he could have entertained himself a long, long time.

Amanda said...

i do too!

Amanda said...
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Sharlene said...

Hey, that sounds like FUN! Can't wait to see the three of you and I think Uncle Bob and Casen will have a great time together (he loves flashlights of all kinds!)
Love you, Sissie