Saturday, February 26, 2011

Annie's Baby Bath Shower

Mom and I got to take the boys up to Wichita last weekend. It was so good to see family and celebrate Baby's Approaching Arrival. Meg "Little Mama" played with the boys a lot and took care of Liam. It was cute to watch them.

Mom made rubber duck cupcakes - only two came out okay - but aren't they cute?!?

The shower was a surprise, but as soon as we got there, Casen asked in front of Annie, "Where's the baby shower?"

We forgot to explain to him what a surprise was.

We told him the baby was in Annie's tummy. When it was time to leave, Case asked, "The baby isn't here yet."

I'm pretty sure that he thought that the baby shower consisted of the baby actually making her the shower.

Later that night, at home during bathtime, Case wrapped a rubber duck up in a washcloth and put the combo on his stomach. Then he patted the cloth-duck and said, "My baby is in my tummy."

I have a feeling that he will have more fun things to say, ask, and do next time he's waiting for a little brother or sister - especially compared to when we were waiting for Liam's arrival.

And don't start thinking this is an announcement. No plans for another Nichols yet!

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Jacqueline said...

hahahaha! What a funny boy! Wish we lived closer and could enjoy each other's kiddos in "real life." Love you.