Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snow Days

I got 4 Snow Days this month! I only have pictures of 3 days worth. Josh was sick the 4th day; I was exhausted from staying up late writing a chemistry exam and had 2 rambunctious kids trapped indoors.
Day 1 was too cold and windy so we didn't venture out until Day 2.

"So Mom, what are we gonna do today?"

We had a picnic lunch courtesy of Dad's Awesome Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

Case and I went spelunking to find a hideout from the pirates.

One kid's delight.... another kids' nightmare. (L Child could barely move in his layers of clothes - like that kid in The Christmas Story. Then he fell facedown in the snow and couldn't get up. Poor kid.)

Had to get some posed pictures. Liam still wasn't happy with the outdoors. Now he was cold AND had his eyes covered from his hat. He got to go inside after these pictures. And he never asked to go out again during the snow time.

Newman shoved his head into a snow tunnel much to Casen's delight. Padme kept shooting us looks to say, "Can we go in already?"

Case serenaded us with his singing and guitar playing: Coldplay's "Yellow" and Toby Keith's "Mockingbird."

I taught Case how to throw snowballs against the house.

Immie's idea of colored water: We tried to make the snow more moldable, but it didn't work. We did get some pretty colors in the snow. Case dictated the words.

There's a rule somewhere about NOT having your kids match on Snow Days.

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