Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dear Oklahoma Weather

Dear Oklahoma Weather,

You know, I usually don't complain too much about you. Sure we have horrible ice storms. Yeah the wind blows your over. And sure we have tornadoes from time to time. But that's the price of living in Oklahoma. I love your open spaces and beautiful sunsets so I put up with these other incidents. But lately, your split-personality behavior has gotten out of control.

After two blizzards in a two-week time period, you decide to send us sunny, beautiful weather. I was thankful! Who cares if there is snow on the ground while my kid is shirtless playing in the water? It was a warm lovely Sunday afternoon. I thought Spring was on its way.


As soon as I make plans to celebrate the arrival of Spring weather by planning a trip to the zoo, you decide that a cold front is needed. Snow again? Really? And just because the snowflakes evaporated before they stuck on the ground doesn't mean that it's warm enough for the zoo.

Sigh. So we spent another play day at the indoor playground area at the mall.

Please, please, please Oklahoma Weather, stop sending us cold fronts and snow! I was some sunshine.

A Cabin- Fevered Mama

p.s. And yes, I do recognize now that you will probably send an unmerciful heatwave in a month to us.

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