Friday, June 17, 2011

Case and Me Time

It seems in the last couple of weeks Case and I have gotten to spend time just the two of us. It's been a special treat (can't you tell from our picture together?).

On our trip to Kansas City, C needed a break from the car and my cousin's house so we took a walk while his brother went with some others to go get dinner. We walked to a pond. We watched the geese with their babies. We talked about the ducks we saw. We threw rocks. We felt the cotton that was blowing from the trees. We raced and then took a break sitting on a picnic table watching the water. Casen is growing up so fast it seems sometimes. But I'm loving this age right now. I love our conversations. I love his stories and his explanations to his observations about the world around him.

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Brendakaye said...

enjoy each day! He is a great kid, I enjoyed our time with all of you