Friday, June 17, 2011

Kansas City Highlights

Josh and Case discovered the joys of garage sale-ing...especially Case.

And Mama makes Spider Man "disappear" from time to time. You can only just take "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Spider Man, Spider Man" so many times in an hour.

Cousin Times are one of the best blessings.

After meeting Baby Lilly and Baby Kaleah in the same weekend, we really wouldn't mind having a baby girl.

We girls know how to dine in style. And almost in peace. Until Case broke the glass lawn ornament outside shattering it into smithereens. At least no kid stepped on the glass.

I sure did love meeting this little boy! I lost count how many times Josh has told me since we've been home, "I could've taken that Jeremiah home."

Forcing the kids to take a picture together wasn't the brightest idea we've ever had. Oh well, lesson learned.

Pretty sure I had the best icecream ever. And we didn't share. The kids played in the basement oblivious to the fact that the mamas and grandmas were upstairs eating the best icecream ever. When Liam came upstairs, I bribed him with a bite to be quiet and was thankful that he can't talk yet. Or at least well enough to let Case and Chloe know we had the best icecream ever.

The best was just being together. We got a lot of pics of the kids (of course), but we didn't take any group shots of all of us. I was thinking as I was going through my pictures, Why didn't we take any pictures of us on Saturday? Or all dressed up Sunday morning?

Oh right - we were good keeping an eye on five kids under the age of 4 and getting all twelve of us ready for church on time.

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