Saturday, June 25, 2011

Like Going Home

There's a few places that feel like home to me - besides my own of course. One of those places is Pburg, Kansas - a little town near Nebraska. I never lived there, but I have a lot of good memories of visiting that place. A lot of those memories involve playing with my cousins out on a farm or upstairs in the old hotel. I was surrounded by so many adults that I knew loved me.

Some of my Pburg memories are sad though. Like when my mom took my brother and me up there a couple of weeks one summer to tell my Papaw good-bye. Those two weeks were such a gift to me. Not only did I get to spend some extra time with Papaw before he went Home, but I also had a cousin who I could talk things over and sort through all the emotions that come along with cancer. Despite the preparation, I was shocked a month later when my whole family returned for Papaw's funeral. Through all that though, Pburg still feels like a good, safe place. Maybe it's because I learned a few things about life and God and family when I lost someone close to me for the first time.

I usually hear old family stories when I visit Pburg. Like when my mom's cousin came to visit this time. Or I learn some new trivia- like where the house is located that my dad rented a room when he was engaged to my mom.

I feel blessed that I get to visit and bring my boys up there. I am happy that they are getting to know my grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins (and cousins' kids, etc.).

Here's a few pictures of our time a couple of weeks ago. I say "a few" because these are just a small sampling of all the pictures I took.

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Brendakaye said...

so glad you feel at home in Pburg we love the time we get to spend with you and your family here or in Oklahoma, we have such good memories of our times with you