Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Brave Mama

Last week I ended up taking the boys by myself to the zoo. I figured it would be good to see if I could do it. I take them most places by myself, but a zoo without a double stroller? Seemed impossible a year ago. I figured it might be fun though just the three of us. And it was. Liam rode in the stroller most of the time, and Case was big enough to walk most of the way. We didn't get to see the baby elephant (we got to do that over Memorial Weekend - pictures coming!), but we did play quite a bit.

Case took the picture of Liam and me. Good, huh? That kid can also use a mouse now. Oh, and the picture of him and Liam on the bench where it looks like he's about to throw something. He was defending his brother and himself from some big kid twin boys who smarted off at him as they walked by. Don't worry - he didn't throw anything. He just intimidating. Or thinks he is. He's got skillz.

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