Wednesday, June 01, 2011

What I Learned at Chuck E. Cheese's

I already knew it was a crazy overwhelming place. Here are some other nuggets of wisdom I learned while I was there...

1. I fear the day L Child starts driving...

(I promise that kid was telling me all kinds of stuff while he was "driving" that day. I don't think it was all very nice either.)

2. ...because he has no fear.

3. Whatever Liam can do, C can do, too.

4. It's no fun to share.

And if you're little and cute, you don't have to wait your turn.

5. Twins would be crazy. These two cousins are just a few months apart - and wore you out when they were together.

6. I look 12 when I go into Kid's Places apparently. And Liam is mesmerized, yet terrified, of Chuck E. Cheese.

And I'm a little terrified of Chuck E. Cheese myself. Freaky giant mouse.

7. Finally, I fear the day that both boys can go out driving on their own (notice Casen's racecar face?).


Jason and Erin said...

Here's how we "do" Chuck E. Cheese: we arrive at 9 am, as soon as the doors open. We play until 10:30 or 11, eat pizza, and then leave, laughing all the way out the door at the THRONGS of people going in!

Amanda said...

good plan...i hope though i never have to do Chuck E Cheese again. haha

Mom aka Kimberly said...

Oh how funny! I haven't even started thinking of the boys as teens - don't do that to me! : )