Saturday, January 28, 2012

Christmas Highlights Part 2

After the kids went to bed on "Christmas Eve" at Mom and Dad's...

I was playing IT with Dad's new laptop...Josh was figuring out his ITUNES...and then I had to get my laptop out of course.

Playing Hand and Foot.

Josh, the nerd. I love him!

Both Mamaw and Liam (see picture two below) put their shirt gifts on over their pajamas. Navy Grandma and Elmo were big winners for Christmas this year!

The boys are trying out Mamaw's grabber.

Josh was so excited about his new coffee maker for his office he nerd-ed out.

I was really excited too.

Apparently, I was nerd-ed out the entire morning as well. This was the best picture of me with a gift.

Breakfast Out after we opened presents

Who dressed that kid?

Yep, L Child and Immie are arm wrestling.

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