Friday, January 06, 2012

Christmas Time Highlights Part 1

Josh said seeing the boys roll their cars down the hall and through Grammy's room was special. He used to do the same thing when he was a kid.

There were so many presents to pass out (in fairness, there were A LOT of people present - pun intended); the boys resorted to rolling around on the floor acting silly while we waited.

Mamaw and Poppy got all the kids a little play gun with their initials on them - cowboy style. They were a hit with the kids who played outside for a long time with them.

Dirty Santa was pretty fun this year. What's not to love? Hats, massagers, bullets. The hot items though were the Twilight presents - the SceneIt Game and the blanket. I didn't end up with either, but I got the other hot item - cash!

We also did a little craft time. Before the little ones were big enough, I usually tried to bake something with Tana and Kota. This year they helped with the little ones - great big cousins! The kids made candle cookies (got the idea from a professor's wife I know) and reindeer puppets with antlers made out of their hands (thanks to Natalie for the foresight to bring the craft items)!

Christmas morning was special, too.

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