Monday, June 04, 2012

How To Roller Skate

1.  Holding onto something when you first start is always helpful.
 2.  Wearing a helmet is essential.  (Take it from Mr. Safety here.)
 3.  Once you are comfortable, you can skate (or stand) without holding onto anything.
 4.  Roller skate experts can give lessons to (boss) the younger, less experienced.  You have to accept the fact that some people just aren't into safety as much as you and will refuse to wear the helmet.
 5.  The more mature roller skaters will gladly wear the helmet.  (She'll also pose pretty, too.)
Acknowledgements:  Casen and Liam would like to extend their gratitude to Gram for the roller skates given to Casen a couple of years ago.  They sure are enjoying them this summer!

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