Monday, June 04, 2012

Soccer Party

I think the combination of pizza, sugar, and soccer party turned my boys into wild hooligans.  

Okay, the boys can be wild hooligans without those factors.  This particular evening though they were even more hyped than usual.

Scary I know.

As a result, I only got 3 decent pictures that evening.  I'll post some worse ones on Facebook probably for those interested in seeing bad pictures of wild hooligans.

Here are the awesome soccer ball cupcakes Mom made for the party.

Whenever I see Liam's face in my mind, this is the look I picture.  I don't capture it very often on the camera.  Once I see the look, I usually have to shout, "Liam Nichols!" then go running off.

Here's my soccer boy with his medal.  Happy, confident boy.

Can you tell my heart is full?

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